Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resurrecting the Crafty

Spring is approaching and I’m starting feel the reemergence of my crafty self.  The last year and a half was not very conducive to a sense of wellbeing, I was dealing with a death in the family, I’d taken a new position where the reality was completely the opposite of what they’d sold it to me as and I felt trapped and without voice, and finally due to necessary dental and automotive work I have been so broke that going camping was a strain.
As always time eases pain and offers the comfort of fond remembrance, unbearable bosses are replaced with fresh ones who posses empathy and are not statistically and technologically incapable, and there are only so many things you can do to a car or mouth before there’s nothing left but fully functional machinery and enamel.
This emotional spring has brought with it a flurry of crafty project planning and I’m hoping to get things finished and posted up soon, but for now here are my favorite pictures from the crazy snow storm that hit the NW two weeks ago today!

This was the back deck at about the time I was supposed to head into work, it’s a little hard to tell but we already had three inches of snow and there was no sign of it stopping, which it didn’t until we had a little over 6 inches.

This is the hazelnut tree in our neighbor’s pasture, the snow was so heavy it split right down the middle.

I’m not completely sure why but that the snow had piled up perfectly on the rim of this pot fascinated me.

Day two was even crazier this is what it looked like when I got up to try to go to work.  This is a different angle of the deck in the first picture.

We went from having a little over 4 inches (it’s warmed up the day before and we had quite a bit of melt-off)  

to having close to 16, totally abnormal weather for my little section of the Pacific NW.

Shelby looked like she was swimming in milk :P