Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a little late but here's my 2010 Photo Review!

In 2010 I...


crawled through Portland in search of delicious fiber and scrumptious eats.

pic 2 of modified cable

became a Ravelympian

Sakura Lane

walked under the Sakura blossoms

The Stump

spent a VERY cold weekend camping at Beverly Beach


said goodbye to my WONDERFUL Mamaw.

Siging the Luminaria

Relayed for life with my team.


Hung out with pretty much the ENTIRE Gardner clan, and welcomed my brother back from his deployment in Afghanistan.


was one of the last people to tour Berry Botanic Gardens before it closed.


Spent a day in the rain in Astoria with good friends.

BMFA 2010 Barn Sale Booty

and made the best haul ever of Woobu at the BMFA Stash Sale.

It was a year full of adventure and fun with friends and family, tempered by great loss.  Mamaw was a person who remained vital and had a great zest for life, she loved to travel, always had a new art or craft project in the works, and was an avid reader.  I fulling intend to take after her.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well I've been trying to deny it, have switched 2 times, and have done everything I could to avoid it, but I am now forced to,go to the computer repair shop.  There just aren't any other options unless I want to by a computer.

Awhile back my brother let me have his laptop when he upgraded and I come to use it more than my desktop, so when the desktop went kaput it was really easy to put off having it fixed for months and months because I didn't really need it.  I was even less inclined to get it fixed my little bro upgraded again and I got and even newer laptop :D.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago my brilliant strategy of not repairing things started to develop a fatal flaw, the new old laptop starts up fine but will only display gibberish, my brother thinks it's because it got killed by a virus.  Since I was still fully engaged in the whole moving on instead of fixing computing strategy I went back to using the old old laptop.  The strategy was working perfectly until about two weeks ago when all of a sudden for no reason that I can understand the computer decided that there was a program that was too big for it to startup, so now I just get the blue screen of death and it wont even startup in safe mode so I can trouble shoot the issue.

So now I'm having to borrow time on computers just to keep up w/Facebook & Ravelry and I'll be dragging all 3 computers in to the repair place at once which I'm imagining will garner me a few odd looks and possibly a scolding, but oh well.

It's sad when a good strategy falls apart.