Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ahh, Camping in Spring

Last weekend a couple friends and I headed down to the Newport area and stayed at the Beverly Beach campground, unfortunately it's still rain season here so it was pretty wet and cold.  We spent most of the time huddled around the fire, which was very high maintenance because the wood was green & wet.  I did get some decent pictures though.

Roots in the Air

I really liked the lines of this stump.

Big Barnacle

Not sure why but I've always loved barnacle encrusted things.


The trees at the beach always look so beat up, and these in particular look like they are trying to lean as far away as they can.

Resting Shell

That is exactly as I found it, I thought it was kind of remarkable that not only had it settled right side up but it's completely intact.


This log looked like a lizard sunning or an otter, or salamander to me.

Rocks & Mist

So pretty.

Broken Symmetry

One of the greatest things about Beverly Beach is the rocks, the beach is littered with them, and you can see the distinct strata in them.  This particular layer looks to be wearing in the nearly geometric pattern.