Thursday, March 18, 2010

Remembering Last Summer

So I finally took the film I'd used last summer in to be developed, and some of them turned out pretty good.

Old man in the Tree

This is from my department's summer event at the Oregon Zoo, I don't remember what kind of monkey it is but I do remember that it's the habitat close to the naked mole rats & giraffes.


This one is also at the zoo and I think it turned out pretty well too.


This is a storage barn not far from our house that going to seed a bit, but I just love the building.


This is from a photo walk that a couple friend & I took in the rain up at the Portland Rose Test Gardens, the hazy effect was achieved by exhaling on the lens to fog it up and then taking a picture as it started to clear.

As for the rest of the pictures in the batch, well let's just say that I am the Queen of the underexposed & incorrectly focused. It's taken a few rolls for me to start to get what type of shots the Diana & Holga are good for, to remember to change the light & focal setting for each shot, and the different speeds of film.

Due to the fixed lens you really need to either get up close to your subject or photograph really large things. The other thing is that I either need to remember to use the flash when not in direct light or start using more sensitive film to compensate.

Finally developing 120mm is twice as expensive as 35mm, so I've picked up a Mini Diana & Blackbird Fly because it's so much cheaper to develop the film, the Mini Diana can take 24x17 pictures allowing you to double the number of shots you get off a roll, so it's far more cost effective for learning to use film. The Blackbird is one I'd seen and been interested in because it's a twin reflex, and you compose the shot by opening the flaps on the top & looking down into the camera. Here's what they look like...

35mm Lomo

cute huh?