Thursday, March 11, 2010

Of Hibernation

I've been feeling pretty unproductive lately, even with the Ravelympics because I haven't really gone out to any events, I've also been letting the clutter build up and now it's at the point where I just want to take big plastic bags rake it all up and with an elegant flourish loft it onto the back of the nearest dump truck.

I would of course take enough care to make sure I didn't toss out anything important, like yarn, clay, or paint brushes. As I've been mired in unproductiveness and haven't made all that much knitting progress, and have been watching too many movies, and spending FAR FAR too much time on FB (evil evil thing created to consume entire evenings) I've not blogged anything in a while.

Yesterday I realized that it's already halfway through March and it kinda freaked me out a bit because that means OFFF is in about 6 months and I have WAY too much yarn in my stash to even consider going because there is just noway I can go and not come home with another skein or six. It being March also means that I need to kick it into high gear because my Relay for Life team the P-Town Moseying Stitchers (PMS) will need crafty things to sell at local fairs & fund raising events this summer.

So, I'm completely grounded from event setting foot in a yarn store because I can't seem to visit one without a skein or two following me home until after OFFF. Next I have a time-line, the giant Ikea bag of finished items that just need the ends woven in will be done by the end of April. My WIPs Rollin' Eye, Fingerless Evenstar, & the Cloche I promised to make for AV in December (I got the test knit done & ended up changing patterns but more on that later) all need to be finished by mid May. Once that's done it's time for some serious stash burning, I'm going to set my goal at completing one project a week, but not anything too complicated.

It's kind of an insane goal but even if I only manage to complete a project every two weeks, it's the attempt that really matters.

Oh yeah, I'm trying out a new name on the blog the other one was a bit unwieldy, not that this one is any better but I thought I'd at least try it out.