Friday, January 1, 2010

Once in A Blue Moon Sale & Cast-on

So yesterday in honor of the New Year's Blue Moon & Lunar Eclipse, Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts had the Once in A Very Blue Moon Sale and Open House.

At 11:13 Pacific time a magic button would appear on the BMFA site that when clicked, would deliver unto you a choice Air, Earth, Water, or Fire. Now as I was at work at the time and using my break to order yarn(for which my cube mate rolled her eyes at me) I didn't have much time to deliberate, plus my budget is still suffering a bit from Christmas. I picked up 1 each in medium weight of Water, Fire, and Earth.

I can't wait for them to arrive and I know they'll be gorgeous. I also think that since I have a tendency towards blues, greens, and purples having surprise colors that I may not have ever picked for myself, will be fun.

The Open House ran until 10pm and my cousin A-chan and I were able to go visit after work. I was kinda weird for me on the drive out, because my family had lived out there for years, and we weren't that far from Mollenhour Rd. I learned to drive on those back roads, but I hadn't been out there in years, and I just had the most eerie nostalgic feeling, I think it was because I was going somewhere I'd never been but knew the roads(if that makes any sense).

Anyway we made it up the hill and found the place without too much trouble, the GPS did lead us a bit astray at the end but it wasn't too big a deal.

The studio was amazing, there were boxes of wonderful yarn on just about every available surface, and a wall of sock yarn that ran almost the whole length of the barn. It was great fun to sit around and visit with the other ladies, and Tina put the bobbin of yarn she'd just finished up to her nose and started sniffing it, it was the cutest thing. I didn't take any pictures though because it just didn't feel like the place for it, ya know?

It was really hard to decide on what to get without going totally overboard and completely blowing my budget for the next month or two. I did manage, barely to remember that I have 3 skeins on the way. With that in mind I stuck to the rare gems since that's what the sale was all about, and even though I got a lot, only three of the ones from the studio are for me.


The four on the left are light weight, and the 2 on the right and one along the bottom are all medium weight. Trying to get a good picture was a little frustrating, I first tried it outside, usually the abundance of natural light gives a truer color, but since it's winter and I live in NW Oregon, the skies are perpetually heavily overcast. This means the pictures came out on the blue side, a little washed out, and the third skein from the right is too dark to see the color, it's actually this gorgeous dark purple with bits of teal. I tried later that evening inside with all the lights in the vicinity on to try to get a photo with warmer tones and better color.

Treasure! 2

It worked in that I got better color saturation & truer color in all but the dark purple skein, I just don't have a big enough light source right now to get true color on dark items. I should probably look at getting a couple of freestanding adjustable lights with flaps so I can get sufficient light levels for pictures when it's nasty outside.

Oh, I almost forgot the Eclipse Cast On, I decided to go with the Openwork Eyelet Scarf by Jennifer Pace, here's the link for it on Raverly. I'm really liking it so far, the pattern is easy to remember, and it has a cool nubbly look.

Rollin' Eye, cast on

I'm using STR Heavy Weight in Rolling Stone, at least I think it is because it's a mill end.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mitered 2

I got it done in time! Yay!

I really like making blankets from the center, because they grow so fast at the beginning and it's really encouraging, I also love the way the stripes look when worked in the round, and you have the freedom to just BO when you're sick of it. Knitting those last 3 to 5 skeins though, feels like you're not getting anywhere, I mean once you get to the point where each row is taking about a half hour to complete and it's taking close to 8 hours to complete each stripe, it's just not fun anymore.

I thought it'd be cool to take a picture each day I worked on it to show the progress, and that worked pretty good for awhile but then I had to switch to every few days because there just wasn't that much of a visual difference.

Creme & Fedora


Creme & Fedora, bigger









12/24 Finished!

Fedora & Creme, Finished

The end product, totally worth it. I got the blanket done Christmas Eve giving me just enough time to wash & block it. Later my sister-in-law said the blanket was Pooh Bear colors and that Lorelie loves Pooh, so the color choices worked out well.

The one thing with it for me is the line made by the beginning of row color changes, I'm not real sure if maybe I made a mistake or if I could have prevented or hidden it.