Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Completely Forgot to Post This...

Ok so a few weeks ago I was working on stuff for the first craft bazaar of the 2010 Relay for Life fund raiser. I'd taken pictures of everything before I sent it off but forgot to actually write the entry.

Ok so here it all is pined out to dry, the picture kind of reminds me of a bug collection, and all those poor little creatures impaled and placed on display for the delectation of others. Gah, what a macabre, wasteful, and depressing thought.

Hung Out

I also took individual pictures of everything...

Darkly Sparkling 2
1x1 rib black sock yarn held double along with ladder yarn.
Cookie Monsters
garter stitch with Fun Fur.
Go Fuzzi Puff 1x1
1x1 rib with 6" fringe in Brazilia Pompon.
Jane's Bootie Brigade
I actually used a pattern for this one it's Mary Jane Booties by Lucie Sinkler, though I didn't knit them flat like the pattern calls for.

Tres Buds
These hats were also from a pattern it's the Sweet and Simple Baby Hat by Debbie Bodmer. I only did a row of the I-cord though so they have just a slight point.

The Sprouts Redux
The same pattern was also used on these hats, though they are in a smaller size & I actually made the little sprout like the pattern calls for, well mostly anyway, I didn't make mine long enough to tie a knot with. The booties and hats were all made with Tahki Cotton Classic.

Oranges & Cream
Stocking knit made with cotton tape(I think).

Black Point
These were a test knit item I finished back in March, and as far as I could tell the pattern worked fine but the designer still hasn't made it available, and as of today it's still listed as being in the test knit phase. I used Simply Soft on it, and have to say it was probably not a great choice.

I think I may have missed getting a picture of them once they were sewn together, the pattern is Double Nickles Wristwarmers by Jessica.

It was kinda sad that give up the warmers as they are made with a really interesting felt yarn. The texture was a bit on the rough side, but not itchy, and because it was felt there was no spring to the yarn other than what the stitch pattern lends to the item. I thought it was ideal for gloves and mittens because, I wouldn't expect it to stretch out much, or be as prone to snagging & getting damaged as a plied fiber.

I haven't really had any luck in finding more of it, and it was a de-stash item that most unfortunately didn't have a ballband so the manufacturer is a mystery. I tried asking the gal I got it from what it was but she couldn't remember because it had been on her stash for quite a while.