Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Just Too Much...!

I swear that just about everything is happening on Saturday the 11th. There are so many fun & funky events going on that I really am at a loss, as to what I should do.

Ok, so first I was planning on going out to Sauvie Island Farms Saturday to pick berries, the Cherries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Marion berries are ripe. I want to get them in so I can dry & freeze them for pies, tarts, crumbles, & cobblers this fall. I'm also thinking about making some jams with them.

The thing is that my perusal of the Portland Mercury and Willamette Week have revealed a plethora of events that have piqued my interest.

First off The Mississippi Ave. Street Fair from 10am to 9pm in North Portland, they're going to have a local market with arts & crafts vendors & food, there are four different with various types of entertainment, & they will have a kid's parade.

A few blocks over is the 3rd Annual Bastille Day Celebration Block Party, this year they are supporting the Oregon Food Bank and will be giving raffle tickets for each nonperishable food item donated. With the tickets you can win gift certificates & wonderful edible creations. The event is hosted by Pix Patisserie, and it looks like there will be some fantastic food available.

I should probably preface this next event with the comment that it's not for kids and if you're easily offended or conservative I would not recommend clicking the links. Anyway next up is Plunderathon 2009 and it starts at the Skidmore Fountain on SW 1st. I guess it's been going on for the last 166 years, due to a pirate getting swindled by a lawyer. They don't publish a route or schedule for the event.

What I've gathered by looking at pics on Flickr is that it's a whole bunch of people in pirate-like attire who meet-up play games like pin the neck-tie on the lawyer, Flogging the Lawyer, and canon practice, and then "rampage" through town by bar hopping. The event is hosted by Drunken Rampage, whose website I find pretty entertaining but I tend to have a bit of an off kilter sense of humor. Per the site there are prizes, for what I'm not sure, and it's completely run by volunteers, so donations are sought to help cover costs & keep it running.

I then came across the Trek in the Park, oh yes the Trekkies have invaded! It's at the Woodlawn Park Amphitheatree in NE, the event is being put on by Atomic Arts, it's live, and to top it off they're doing the episode where Spock goes into heat. Total geek out fest, I wonder how many people will be in costume. Show starts at 5pm and it's a free event.

ETA: Oh, and I can't forget that it's also the Night Ride at Union Station it's sounds like all kinds of different fun, the setup sounds kind of like a nighttime street fair. There are supposed to be interesting things to do along the route, one of the rest stops is a disco party, and at the finish line an all you can eat doughnut feast. The other event I forgot was Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks is having and All Nighter! Yep, they're going to knit, drink coffee, watch movies, & have a potluck dinner, with breakfast provided in the morning.

I mapped it all out in google and this is what my day would look like if I did everything...

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