Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Fantastic WWKIP Day!

The KIP I went to was at the Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, and I have to say it was a lovely location. There was a nice big parking lot, and we were all camped out on the lawn in front of the main entrance, plus we were able to use the restrooms inside. There was a pretty darn good turnout too.

I must say that the host, Tami Hawes really went way above and beyond what I expected, she got the space, was able to get 3 of our local yarn stores involved, Knitting Bee, Kathy's Knit Corner, and All About Yarn. There were two separate raffles for wonderful goodies from the stores, and the first forty of us to arrive got a project bag of swag.

The bags are by Rhiannon's Gate and in it was a mini skein of MightySock from Abstract Fiber, sampler skeins of Flocculent from Frog Creek Fibers, Tight Twist Superwash from Fearless Fibers, and a little bit of roving from The Cupcake Factory.

There was also a small crochet hook from Kathy's, stitch marker from Girly with a Twist, Cabled Wristband pattern with Buttons by Cindy Abernethy, and Moving Day Scarf and Up & Down Fingerless Mitts patterns by Kathleen Fajardo.

We also had the chance to pet and purchase fiber from StitchJones, Frog Creek Fibers, and there was a drop spindle spinner selling her beautiful fibers there as well. I've since been told that her company name is The Cupcake Factory.

A few blocks away was the Saturday market, that had fresh Oregon grown strawberries, and they were absolutely delicious. There was also a place called Veraci Pizza there that had some of the best pie ever, C picked up a chicken alfredo, it had a super thin crispy crust, mozzarella, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and fresh oregano, it was very delicious see...

There were also a couple of charity things going, one was hats for preemies we had a contest the first three people to finish got a skein of some really wonderful fibers. V was the only one of us to try, but more to just make the hat, than for the yarn. Unfortunately she had some technical difficulties with the yarn. What was odd about it was that it was a factory produced skein, but it gave her more trouble than I've ever seen from commercially produced ball. She was able to finish it, and it turned out pretty good. The other charity was squares for a barn raising quilt.

We also had a yarn swap going which was pretty great, a lot of people were unloading their acrylic and eyelash. I'd forgotten about that and hadn't brought any to exchange but enough people brought big honking bins of stuff that by the end of they day they were pretty much begging people to take it. I ended up with a couple skeins of Poodle and 3 of Fun Fur.

The weather was pretty much perfect for it as well, because it was overcast so it wasn't too hot but it wasn't raining. Meaning that I did not end up with knitters burn, like last year. Yay!