Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lovely Stormy Afternoon

Today was awesome! It was really windy, we even lost a couple of trees, and there was thunder, and big fat raindrops. I didn't see any hail but it was still fun to watch.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Have Registered!

Well, kinda I haven't been checking my e-mail so I didn't know that the registration for Sock Summit 2009 opened on Tuesday. A fact I was not aware of until Friday when I was trolling around on the Sock Summit forum on Ravelry and came across a thread about Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) Pearl McPhee and Tina (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) Newton getting hate mail because the server crashed a little while after registration opened.

Needless to say this news startled me greatly because I've been keeping up with their blogs and know that they'd gotten a server they were told they wouldn't need and set it up to handle a high volume of hits. I went to check out their respective blogs, to see if there was any information and as it turned out they'd gotten 30,000 simultaneous users trying to get 4,000 class spots. This of course caused the server to just roll over an play dead. The rest of the issues appear to have occurred because people panicked and hit buttons they shouldn't have or entered their data incorrectly.

But as far as I could see they were pretty on top of things they posted about the issue quickly and have been giving updates, so I couldn't believe that they were getting hundreds of threatening and hateful e-mails.

Anyway, needless to say by the time I looked at it on Friday only a couple of classes still had spots available and they aren't ones I'm interested in, luckily the Luminary Panel still had tickets available so I am going to get to attend that event. Other than that I'm thinking I'll just spend my time in the market place watching demos, inhaling the yarn fumes, and BSing with other knitters. I might even go on a yarn crawl or possibly a knitting photo walk, I'm hoping to have my Holga by then so I could take some arty photos.