Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knitpicks Booty!

Yay! I got my order today!

The tube in the back is the blocking wires, I got medium sock blockers, & harmony circulars in size #4, #6, & #8 with 16" cord (they're so cute). I went with the 16" because I like the length for hats, and the 16" isn't included in the interchangeable set.

I particularly like these ones because the needles' shaft is short enough that it doesn't mess with your gauge as much. It's one of the failings of the Denise set, it has cords to make 17" & 20" circulars but due to the shaft length they are awkward to actually use. Also unlike most bamboo needles they have a pretty good point on them that doesn't split yarn as badly, and are more durable.

Sock blockers in action!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sushi Candy!!

Ok, so one of my friends from work went on vacation recently and brought back little gifts for us, and mine happens to be Alien Sushi Candy. It's a good joke because I'm a big fan of Japanese culture but I don't eat seafood AT ALL.

Well, I decided to do it up in style since you just don't come across alien sushi every day. Now what I thought was really cool was that the meal came came with it's own chopsticks. Until I opened up the package and found out they were really cheater sticks.

Those would not due at all! So I went and got my own, as well as a nice black plate to really show the sushi off, a cup of peach iced tea, and a table napkin.

I must say it was quite good, I was a little worried about it not being refrigerated, but suffered no ill affects. The texture was very gummi, and I would have never thought that aliens would taste like blueberries.