Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis' Craft Show Season!

I always like the holiday crafter's show season, it's a lot of fun to see all the interesting and creative things people come up with. This year I'm planning on going to Crafty Wonderland which thankfully is going to be at the Convention Center this year. Last year it was at Norse Hall which is a great place just not suited to large crowds trying to squeeze into aisles to look at vendor's goods. It was nice that they had a bar and it was open but getting run down by a lady in a fur coat and a Bloody Mary, at 10"30 in the morning really wasnt.

That was actually the deciding factor in vacating the premises and going to Rebel Rabbit a few blocks away. It was much more laidback and I found a great baby outfit that I gave to my cousin for her baby shower. Sadly they have now disbanded.

So instead I'm thinking of going to one of the Handmade NW shows this month, I've not been to one before and think it'd be fun to check out. I might also see about hitting the Museum of Contemporary Craft's Holiday Shop, it's probably too expensive for me but it should have some beautiful pieces.